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Roll-on Wax Heater - Triple

Roll-on Wax Heater - Triple

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The Wax Roll on System (Pack of 3) consist of three single heaters, with docketing facility on the bottom, can be connected with each other, with seperate powder and temperature control.

  • Suitable for all 100ml standard cartridge wax
  • Ideal for the beauty spa, salon or mobile therapist
  • Fully adjustable heat control
  • Thermostatically controlled
  • Portable system for stylists
  • Thermal insulated 'easy grip' heater
  • Magnetic base unit for stable ease of use
  • Protective roller head cover
  • Docking facility for multi unit versatility, that means you can connect with another one or two same unit at the same time.

    Wax Supplies, Wax heating unit, Wax pot, Wax machine

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