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Shahnaz Husain Shataj Moisturiser (40gm)

Shahnaz Husain Shataj Moisturiser (40gm)

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Nourish and hydrate your skin with the luxurious Shahnaz Husain Shataj Moisturiser, elegantly presented in a 40g jar. Meticulously crafted, this moisturizer is a harmonious blend of herbal extracts and advanced skincare technology, designed to provide intensive hydration and promote a soft, supple complexion.

Shataj Moisturiser by Shahnaz Husain is enriched with natural ingredients known for their moisturizing and rejuvenating properties. The lightweight formula ensures easy absorption, leaving your skin feeling velvety smooth. Ideal for daily use, this moisturizer is a vital step in your skincare routine, maintaining skin balance and promoting a radiant glow.

Indulge in the timeless elegance of Shahnaz Husain Shataj Moisturiser - where herbal tradition meets modern skincare for nourished and radiant skin.


  • It is a moisturising cream that controls oiliness and tones the pores, imparting a smooth texture.
  • It is specially designed to moisturise normal, oily and combination skin.
  • A light, frothy cream, easily absorbed, leaving the skin healthy and youthful.

How to Use

Apply on face and neck and leave on. It can be combined with Shabase to form a protective cover.

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