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Master Brow Mapping, Threading and Shaping Course (4 Days)

Master Brow Mapping, Threading and Shaping Course (4 Days)

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Master Brow Threading and Shaping Course: 4 Days

Welcome to our exclusive threading and brow shaping course, led by Bindu Grover, a seasoned professional with over 22 years of industry experience. Bindu's signature 6-step Perfect Brows technique sets her apart in the field. By enrolling in this course, you'll gain invaluable insights and skills to create flawless brows with precision and confidence.

5th - 8th August 2024
10am to 4pm

14th - 17th October 2024
10am to 4pm

Course Content

**Days 1 and 2: Foundations**
- **Basics of Threading**
- Introduction to threading techniques
- Hygiene and health protocols
- History of threading
- Self-threading practice
- Technique refinement
- Dummy practice
- **Advanced Techniques**
- Enhancing threading speed and accuracy
- Threading sensitive facial areas
- Full-face threading on a live model
- Full face and top lip threading, including self-threading
- Practice on 2 models

**Day 3: Brow Tidy**
- Cleaning up brows without reshaping
- Live model practice
- Practice on 2 models

**Day 4: Brow Mapping and Shaping with Thread to Create Precise Brows**
- Brow mapping and shaping with thread
- Learning about face shape and brow shape
- Live practice on a model
- Demonstration and live model practice

**Aftercare, Contraindications, and Rebooking Instructions**
- Detailed aftercare instructions for clients to ensure optimal results
- Contraindications and client consultation to ensure safety and effectiveness
- Rebooking strategies to maintain and enhance client satisfaction and loyalty

**Training Plus Kit: $1600 + GST**

**Starter Kit Includes:**
- One spool of thread
- One tweezer
- One pair of scissors
- B3 dual brush
- One hand-held mirror
- Brow mapping pencil
- 100g Aloe vera gel
- B3 brow highlighter and concealer
- B3 brow pencil
- B3 brow powder

**Duration:** 4 Days – 6 hours per day

This comprehensive course includes everything you need to master threading and brow shaping, along with essential aftercare, contraindications, and rebooking instructions.

Elevate your skills and join us for this transformative learning experience!

For full details and further information, please contact Bindu Grover –

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