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BrowXenna Ultimate Starter Kit - 1pc

BrowXenna Ultimate Starter Kit - 1pc

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Pack contains:

- BrowXenna #101 Neutral Brown Henna - 10ml

- BrowXenna #103 Rich Taupe Henna - 10ml

- BrowXenna #203 Light Chestnut Henna - 10ml

- BrowXenna Shampoo - 30ml

- BrowXenna Mineral Solution - 30ml

- BrowXenna Two-Phase Tonic - 30ml

- BrowXenna Microtips 100

- BrowXenna Angled Brush - 1pc

- Aftercare Instructions


Embark on a journey to perfect brows with the BrowXenna Ultimate Starter Kit. This carefully curated kit is designed for both budding enthusiasts and seasoned professionals, providing everything you need for comprehensive brow styling.

The BrowXenna Ultimate Starter Kit includes essential tools and products for brow care, shaping, and enhancement. From precision pencils to luxurious masks, this kit ensures a complete and indulgent experience in elevating your brow game.

Ideal for those starting their brow styling journey or professionals looking for an all-in-one solution, the BrowXenna Ultimate Starter Kit is the key to unlocking flawless and perfectly styled eyebrows.

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