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BrowXenna Two-Phase Tonic - 100ml

BrowXenna Two-Phase Tonic - 100ml

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Revitalize and pamper your brows with BrowXenna Two-Phase Tonic, now available in a generous 100ml size. This unique two-phase formula is meticulously crafted to provide comprehensive care, promoting the health and radiance of your eyebrows.

Designed for both beauty professionals and enthusiasts, BrowXenna Two-Phase Tonic combines the benefits of nourishing oils and revitalizing aqueous ingredients. Shake well to activate the powerful blend, then apply to your brows for a refreshing and invigorating experience.

Enriched with carefully selected ingredients, this tonic is the perfect addition to your brow care routine, ensuring your eyebrows remain lush and healthy. Elevate your brow game with BrowXenna Two-Phase Tonic - the ultimate indulgence in brow care.

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