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BrowXenna Shampoo and Mineral Solution - 100ml + 50ml

BrowXenna Shampoo and Mineral Solution - 100ml + 50ml

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Experience the ultimate care for your brows with the Brow Xenna Combo, featuring Brow Shampoo and Mineral Solution. This combo includes a 100ml Brow Shampoo for gentle cleansing and nourishing your eyebrows, and a 50ml Mineral Solution for optimal preparation before brow tinting.

The Brow Shampoo ensures a thorough and gentle cleanse, removing impurities while maintaining the health of your brows. Follow up with the Mineral Solution to prepare and enhance the tinting process for longer-lasting and more vibrant results.

Ideal for beauty professionals and enthusiasts, the Brow Xenna Combo is the perfect duo for a complete brow care routine, ensuring your eyebrows remain refreshed, nourished, and ready for stunning transformations.

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