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BrowXenna Shampoo - 100ml

BrowXenna Shampoo - 100ml

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Experience the ultimate care for your brows with BrowXenna Henna Shampoo, now available in a generous 100ml size. This specially formulated shampoo is crafted to gently cleanse and nourish your brows, preserving their vibrant and healthy appearance.

Perfect for beauty professionals and enthusiasts, BrowXenna Henna Shampoo offers a luxurious solution for maintaining henna-tinted brows. The ample 100ml size ensures an extended supply of this nourishing formula, allowing you to indulge in consistent brow care.

Enriched with gentle yet effective ingredients, BrowXenna Henna Shampoo is the epitome of luxury for those who appreciate the art of preserving and enhancing henna-treated brows.

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