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BrowXenna Eyebrow Green Mask - 15ml

BrowXenna Eyebrow Green Mask - 15ml

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Experience the rejuvenating power of BrowXenna Eyebrow Green Mask, now available in a convenient 15ml size. This specially formulated mask is designed to nourish and strengthen your eyebrows, providing a luxurious and soothing treatment.

Enriched with botanical extracts and natural ingredients, BrowXenna Eyebrow Green Mask offers a refreshing and revitalizing experience. The green hue symbolizes nature's vitality, delivering a unique and indulgent approach to brow care.

Ideal for beauty professionals and enthusiasts, this 15ml size ensures easy application and portability, making it a perfect addition to your beauty regimen. Pamper your eyebrows with the luxurious care of BrowXenna Eyebrow Green Mask.

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