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BrowXenna 12 Colour Set Henna - 12pcs x 10ml

BrowXenna 12 Colour Set Henna - 12pcs x 10ml

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Blonde Shades:
  • #201 Pearl Blonde (Warm)
  • #202 Light Blonde (Cool)
  • #203 Light Chestnut (Warm)
  • #204 Golden Blonde (Warm)
  • #205 Dark Blonde/Dark Taupe (Cool)
Brunette Shades:
  • #101 Neutral Brown (Warm)
  • #102 Cold Coffee (Cool)
  • #103 Rich Taupe (Cool)
  • #104 Dark Chocolate (Cool)
  • #105 Frosty Auburn/Chestnut (Warm)
Colour Correctors:
  • #210 Amber Concentrate (Warm)
  • #110 Graphite Concentrate (Cool)

    Dive into the world of limitless brow styling possibilities with the BrowXenna 12 Colour Set Henna, presented in a convenient 10ml size and offered as a complete set of twelve stunning shades. This specially curated collection introduces a spectrum of colors, allowing beauty professionals and enthusiasts to create bespoke brow looks tailored to individual preferences.

    Crafted with precision, each 10ml vial in the set ensures versatility, enabling multiple applications for diverse and captivating brow transformations. The BrowXenna 12 Colour Set Henna harmonizes with various natural brow tones, providing a professional finish that stands out.

    Elevate your brow styling with the BrowXenna 12 Colour Set Henna, where creativity knows no bounds. This premium collection promises nuanced and lasting brow enhancement, making it an indispensable tool for those who seek to redefine beauty through personalized brow artistry.

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