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Binacil Tester kit

Binacil Tester kit

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Pack contains:

Binacil Tester Kit
Tester Kit:
2 colours Eyelash Tint (black, natural brown),
Hydrogen Peroxide 20 ml,
Skin Protection Pads 25 pcs.,
Mixing Pad 10 sheets


Embark on your tinting journey with the Binacil Tint Starter Kit, a comprehensive set designed for flawless tinting results. This kit includes essential tools such as tint colors, developer, mixing pad,, providing everything needed for a professional tint application. Whether you're a seasoned tint professional or a beginner, this starter kit ensures a smooth and efficient tinting experience. The high-quality Binacil tints offer long-lasting color, and the kit's user-friendly design makes it perfect for both salon use and at-home application. Elevate your tinting game with the Binacil Tint Starter Kit for precise and beautiful tint results.

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