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ItalWax Azulene Green Hot Film Wax - 6pcs x 1kg

ItalWax Azulene Green Hot Film Wax - 6pcs x 1kg

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Discover the ItalWax Azulene Green Hot Film Wax, a revolutionary solution for professional hair removal. This 6kg package of excellence is crafted to provide a seamless and effective waxing experience. The Azulene Green formula, enriched with soothing properties, ensures a gentle yet thorough removal of unwanted hair.

Experience the ease of application and quick-setting properties of this hot film wax. Suitable for various body areas, the ItalWax Azulene Green formula is designed for professional use, delivering superior results. Elevate your waxing services with a product that combines quality, efficiency, and the comfort of Azulene.

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